Celebrating Father's and Brothers!

Sunday 6th September

Here are are 2 rap songs to help celebrate Father's Day this Sunday, and for those who want to cheer on their super Bro! There's a song for you too!

This is what you do!!

1. Sing along with the song ~ easy lyrics!!

2. Make up your own for the following bits during the 'Boom Shake-it-up' part 🥳

 * "Love ya 'cos you're [.......] and love ya 'cos you're [......]"

* "The best at  [.......] and the best at [......]"

* "No 1  [.......] and No 1 [......]"


Think about your dad (or your brother) and....the things you love about him, what he's the best at, and why he's number 1!

Have fun! 

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