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MPS Garage Sale


We're having ANOTHER last minute garage sale!

Our old gardening shed is full of a range of 

no-longer-used school desks, chairs, trestle tables, rugs and bits'n'pieces we would like to sell. 

Come along to see if there is something you can use!

Feel free to invite your friends. 


May 7th from 8:30am to 10:30am ~ rain, hail or shine!

Actually, the weather is looking dismal but we're keen if you are! Bring a brolly!

The big garden shed near the sandpit. 


Have a look at the photos below. 

There are also:

some other tables of varying sizes

large colourful carpet mats

larges pieces of carpet

Trestle tables

Square garden beds

Come and have a look 😄

Address: 294 Mitcham Road, Mitcham​

Drive down Bowling Green Lane to the end gate!


Click on the photos to see some info!

Some of these

Strong, good condition, timber legs

Some of these chairs
Lots of these student tables!
4 rectangular planter boxes
Lots of these
Old and dusty but might clean up well!
A couple of these - good condition but need cleaning: 3m x 1.8 approx.
One of these
3 seat cubes
A few of these

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