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Years 5 and 6

Music, Dance and Drama

Year 6 ~ Graduation Performance 2020

Monday December 14th 2020​

See You Again

 a) Listen to the 2 versions of  'See You Again' 


b) Practice saying the words of the melody in rhythm

c) Then practice singing the melody

d) Sing along with the One Voice Choir or the Wiz Khalifa official video and find where you voice works best!

e) Listen and Learn  - Rap 1 for boys - see lyrics below

f) Listen and Learn  - Rap 2 for girls - see lyrics below

See You Again - Backing TrackWiz Khalifa / Charlie Puth
00:00 / 03:51

This version (below right) of 'See You Again' was shared by Oscar. 

Some of you might remember 'Believer' from last year which was based upon the arrangement performed by this choir.

The version on the left below is the official video from the movie.

music stars.jpg

Sharing our learning

Term 3

When we share our talents and ideas, we give others permission to do the same.

music stars.jpg

Drama Warm-ups

Drama Warmup 1 ~ 'Cookie'

One player closes his/her eyes while the second player leads him/her around the room with just the sound of his/her voice. The lead player can tell a story, or simply say ‘Cookie, cookie, cookie.’ Remember: lead players to move slowly, so as to keep your partner safe.

For an interesting twist, add some obstacles in the room.

Drama Warmup 2 ~ 'Machine'

One player enters the playing area and creates a simple sound and motion that starts to build the machine.

As soon as another player has an idea of how to add to the machine, he/she joins the first person, forming a connection and relation to the first sound/movement. Players try to physically connect with some part of the machine, if possible.


Week 10 - Sept 14 - 18

This week you get to choose anything or everything you've learned over the term, and record your own Fairy Tale Game Show character or, do a Drama Skit or Scene you haven't done or Catch-up on any task or.....Send me your 'See You Again' dance and/or singing!

I'd really love to finish that FLASH MOB I was hoping to do!

Be creative! 

Be original! 

Be unique!

Be awesome!

Can't wait to see what you decide to show me!

Thank you everyone for a fantastic term of learning and sharing!

Remember to check out the "Let's Share!" section above!

Mrs Siva  🤓🎭🎶🎭🤓


A Play

Week 8 & 9  - Aug 31 - Sept 11

Click here for script!

We are going to create a play! And this is how we're going to do it.

There are 5 characters. You choose ONE character to play and record only your part. I will take your part and that of 4 others and cut and paste to put into sequence and voila! We have a play! 🌟

For example, if you choose 'Smiley Roberts', the game show host, then you would stand behind a podium (could be kitchen counter?) and speak into a microphone with your question sheet.

If you choose to play one of the 4 guests, then you would be  coming in and then sitting - or whatever the play directions say. 

Please read the stage directions carefully. When you act out your character, please record from directly in front of you, and not from below. 

As soon as you've decided which character you want to play, fill out the 'BOOK MY CHARACTER' form below!

Then start practicing and recording.

NOTES: please leave at least 2 seconds in between your lines so it makes it easy for me to easily edit.

Character Descriptions

Smiley Roberts – Play this character as a slick, fast talking, smooth, and cheesy game show host. THE BIGGER THE BETTER!

Gretel – Spending time with only Hansel is getting old, and Gretel is looking for a new best friend. She is sweet, open, and kind.

Little Red - Wolves are the worst for this food podcaster. She loves breads and all things gluten. She is strong, confident, and well-spoken.

Goldilocks – Travel and design is key for this tv presenter. She is adventurous, confident, and expressive.

Fairy Godmother – This life coach sees the big picture. She is magical, sassy, and full of life.

Please take your time creating and practicing the role of your character before you start recording!

Any questions, please put them into the google classroom!

Fairy Tale Game Show stage.png

Game Show Staging and Props


Week 7 - Aug 24 - 28


By now you've created 1 or 2 skits and then repeated that skit to explore different characters. For example, you may have performed 'Letter' with one character, then repeated the skit and played the same character but in a different way, with a different personality.

You've also created a short scene, formed a character, and thought about how your character responds or reacts to the other character in the scene.

This week, you will reflect  upon the different characters you have created and the ways in which they are different.

Click on the 'All about my Characters' button below, and answer the questions.


Week 6 - Aug 17 - 21

Create a Scene!

I am learning to form a character.

There are (4) four short scenes below.

Choose one and rehearse your scene with a partner.

Pay particular attention to responding to your partner rather than just delivering your line!

Think about the following questions when forming your character:

Start your lesson with a drama warmup!

There are 2 to choose from above!

Discuss the scene with a partner and decide on the following:

  • What is happening in the scene?

  • What is the relationship of the characters?

  • What does each character want? (objectives)

  • How do the characters feel about each other?

Click on an image below and it will open in a pop-up. You can save the image to your computer and print if you like.

press to zoom
press to zoom
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press to zoom

Week 5 - Aug 10

 If you have already completed two (2) different skits and performed your character in two (2) contrasting ways, you can do the following activities:

  • Write your own short drama skit and perform it for your family. Share it with Mrs Siva if you like!

Drama Skits

Week 4 and 5 - Aug  3 to 17


There are a range of drama 'skits' in the photos below.

  • Choose at least 1 skit - the aim is to do two (2) skits in contrasting ways

  • Rehearse the skit with a family member if possible, or just like Oscar did last term, perform it yourself. 

  • Do each skit twice but with different / contrasting characters and voices

  • Video your skits and upload to the link below

  • The aim is to show a contrast in the personality of your character!

  • Click on the button to answer the questions below

Aim: to explore character through voice

You are aiming to explore: * Vocal Intonation * Vocal Expression   * Personality

Who is the character?

How do they feel?  

How do they express themselves through body language?  

What accent are you using?

Where is your character from?

How old is your character?

There are (7) seven to choose from. Just click on the images for a pop up window to view.

drama star.png
You Don't Say
You Don't Say
press to zoom
Lost Wallet
Lost Wallet
press to zoom
Trash Talking
Trash Talking
press to zoom
Finding A Dead Body
Finding A Dead Body
press to zoom
Doctors Office
Doctors Office
press to zoom
press to zoom
Crossing the River
Crossing the River
press to zoom
Chinese Opera Kiss

Week 3 - July 27-31


This is a flash mob dance performed by a group of junior high school students - little did they know that Beyonce would actually turn up to surprise them!

  1. Have fun dancing along with them

  2. Learn  the dance steps up until 1:38

    • We will use some of these steps in our dance choreography!

  3. Click on the box and answer the questions  below


Term 2

music stars.jpg

Music Stars!

Term 2

When we share our talents and ideas, we give others permission to do the same.

Send me your videos or photos and I will upload them there to share 

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. 

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

- Marianne Williamson

Tanisha Tran

Tanisha has been learning for 4 years and is playing ​a Rondo by Carl Czerny


Dante Harbis

Dante has been learning drums for 2 years!​


Milan Caceres

Milan has been enjoying exploring the harmonica and composing his own songs.

His supporting band includes his pooch, 'Morpheus'! 


Annabelle Teo

Annabelle plays this amazing Chinese instrument called a 'Guzheng' - known as a Chinese zither, it is a Chinese plucked string instrument with a more than 2,500-year history



Dominic shows he has some great singing skills! 



Drama Tasks

Weeks 6-8

Hello everyone,
Use these last three weeks to catch up on any of the activities and tasks we have been working on over the last 5 weeks. (scroll down for details) 
If you like you can revisit any of the tasks to do again with the aim of improving on what you learned the first time.
If you have completed all of the tasks, then you can look at 'Activity 6-8' below.

'Activity 6-8'

What is a flash/dance mob?

A Flash Mob is an organised dance routine that appears as a random and spontaneous dance.

Research the history of 'flash mob' style performances.

  • What is a flash/dance mob? 

  • Why are flash/dance mobs fun and how can they help people be active?

  • What characterises these dances from other types of dance?

  • What are the health benefits of participating in a flash/dance mob – physical , social, emotional?

  • Are there any perceived barriers to participation in a flash/dance mob?

1. Put your research into a word document. Please include a link to the dance example you found (YouTube).

     Upload to your google drive and complete the form using the link below.

2. Create an idea for a flash/dance mob. You're the 'leader'. 

    What ideas could you include in it?

     Could you use some sports move ideas? 

     How would you organise it?

     Where would everyone practice? 

Weeks 4 - 5

The history of African-American social dance - Camille A. Brown

In preparation for graduation and some of the dances that we will be learning, please:

  1. WATCH the video, 'The History of African-American Social Dance

  2. COMPLETE the Quiz below

  3. CREATE A SHORT 30 sec video using some of your favourite steps and movements!

  4. UPLOAD your video using the link below.


Team Building

Working Together




Year 5-6 students began Term 1 by exploring themselves in relation to others through dramatic role play and team challenge games. 

They examined character using the element of 'interview', creating a short scene and using tableau to engage the audience. This often resulted in some quite funny, sometimes challenging but mostly enjoyable experiences. 

Team Talk



Weeks 1 - 3

I would like you all to think about the ‘Interview’ drama game we played and how it quickly becomes comedy!

You will work with either a family member or a friend to make a ‘docu-interview’ about an interesting person of your choosing.

This is an opportunity to get creative and have fun experimenting with ideas.

Do you remember the interview game we played in class? The aim was to use the answers to the questions to ask more questions.


Task 1: This can be an improvisation if you like. No research needed - you just need to get an object and an action. See the document below for more information.


Task 2: You will need to do some research on an interesting child actor, book character, comedian, sports person...essentially a celebrity of some kind - that you would like to interview and some great questions you could ask them!

You will either play the interviewer or the 'celebrity'.

(Or as Oscar did in his video, both!)

Remember the more you know about the character/celebrity, the more interesting the 'interview'. So do some research on the person you've chosen:

  • What you know about that person

  • Questions you would like to ask that person

  • Answers that person will give to your questions. 

Click on the document ➡️ for more information.😄


Below are links to Oscar's task videos that he has kindly shared. 

His idea was to play both the roles of interviewer and interviewee.

It's very clever and clearly took quite a bit of time to put together. 

Esther was joined by her sister, Rachel, to create this fun scene!




This is as good a time as any to begin thinking about your graduation performance and all the skills and talents you can start nurturing!

Here is a link to the Year 6 - GP20 survey!

Please complete it by April 30th.



Let's explore the question: 'Does a shared space mean that if we live together, we see and experience the same story?'

Listening and Creating

Year 5-6 students are learning to extend their understanding and use of aural skills as they sing and play independent parts against contrasting parts and recognise instrumental and vocal sounds.

Soundscapes: The students will explore the concepts of unison (at the same time) and counterpoint, which is the relationship between voices that are harmonically interdependent (polyphony) yet independent in rhythm and contour.

They will rehearse and perform an improvised vocal in 4 parts ~ A Soundscape!

Music Performance

Collaboration and Cooperation


As students engage with the arts and performance, they are continuously exploring the impact of different relationships on their capacity to contribute and on their own and others' wellbeing. 

The are observing and proposing strategies for managing the changing nature of relationships as they learn to accept and include others and to understand diversity.